I can't believe this is my very first blog post! I am seriously so excited! I have eaten healthy and worked out out for years but tomorrow marks day one of my transformation. It's so crazy that it's my senior year and time is zipping past me. There is still so many things I want to do and accomplish before I leave for college, my weight being one of them. I have learned that accepting yourself for what you are is the key to success. It sounds crazy but if you don't love your self on the inside at heavy weight, you won't love yourself at your goal weight. Don't rely on others to make you happy until you are happy with yourself. I have struggled with this for years and I can truly say that I am content and satisfied with myself and who I am. Yes I have goals and things I wish to change but deep down I know who I am. I'm happy because I choose to be, not because of someone else. If your happiness is dependent on another person you will never truly find joy. So my advice for today is learn to love yourself. You will accomplish your goals alot faster if you do. 



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