Yesterday was not a good day for me. I felt bad, I ate bad and I had a bad attitude about it. In the past I would have gotten really upset with my self, felt guilty, and given up. I'm not giving up this time. Yesterday is over. I can't take it back but I still can decide for today and tomorrow and the days to come. I've realized that with success comes a lot of failure. It's one day, one day out of 50 that I didn't eat completely healthy. No one should be their selves up about something like that. Forgive yourself, pray for strength and persistence, and get back out there and kick ass! That's what I plan to do.

For as long as I can remember I have always been a happy go lucky person. Of course I have had my sadder moments just like everyone else but I would over all call myself a positive person. Over the past couple years I had noticed that happy go lucky life style becoming more of a show. I would always plaster a smile across my face and wave at anyone that walked my way. I talked with classmates and friends as if my life were perfect but honestly my life was and is no where near perfect. I began to rely on others to make me happy. I found myself becoming dependent and needy. That was not me. I also began to seek attention that I had never needed before. I longed for a guy, which isn't a bad thing right? But I realized I was seeking a relationship for all the wrong reasons. I was unhappy with myself and struggling in other areas of my life. It wasn't fair to put all that pressure on one person. I also didn't do a good job finding the right guy. It didn't work out, which in the back of my head I should have known. I was now lost, confused, and feeling even more awful than before. I let a guy make or break my mood, which in my book is not okay. What I realized is you can't allow or rely on someone else to make you happy when you aren't even content with yourself. A person can mask the pain but sooner or later you will face your problems once again. I am finding myself and learning how to make myself happy. Once I discover the answers to all my questions and can solely rely on myself then maybe I can start to focus on some else but you have to make yourself number one. Relationships just complicate things if you jump into something for the wrong reasons.  Be yourself, love yourself, kick ass, and let the world find your sparkle. If you do then everything will work out in the end. I truly believe that. 

These are some great tips to follow. It a nut shell this is basically what I do. I set a goal for myself, something big. Then I set little goals on how I'm going to accomplish that. I take it step by step, bite by bite, and day by day. I drink tons of water. No matter what situation I'm in I always try to eat the healthiest option possible. I pre plan and pack my own snacks and food. I eat every 3-5 hours in order increase my metabolism. I try to limit bread and carb in take to one or two servings a day, preferably in the morning. I don't eat things I don't like but I find healthy things that I do like. I personally eat my carbs for breakfast to kick off the day right. I never skip breakfast an I try to eat a citrus fruit for breakfast to help increase my metabolism. I eat a lean protein, good fat, and good carb every time I eat. This gives me a well balanced diet and helps me burn calories more efficiently. I try to eat new foods and try new things so I don't get bored and to keep switching it up so I burn maximum calories. I don't drink pop. I don't eat sweets. I rarely ever eat out. I try to eat as many whole natural foods at possible. I usually get in 5 fruits and vegetables every day. Even though veggies are the hard one for me. II work out 6-7 days a week from medium to high intensity. I switch up strength training and cardio. I just try to be moving all the time. If I'm at home I'm going for a walk, moving around the house; I'm not sitting on the coach. Sometimes I rest obviously but I just try to stay on my feet. I also try to switch up my workouts so I don't get bored. I have done rock climbing, boxing, turbo kick, yoga, hot yoga, cycling, Zumba, crossfit, lifting... The list goes on and on. Train your body fully. Love your body. Don't do a bazillions abs because you hate your stomach. Love yourself and push it hard because you know you can handle and you want to show everyone who you are and what you are made of. I'm sure there's more that I could say or other things I do but that's a basic run down of my diet and exercise. Ohh and I also log my food and exercise in an app called mynetdiary.. You can also use my fitnes pal. It helps me keep track of my progress, my calories, and how much I'm working out. It's why I have been successful and I highly reccomend recording those things. It makes you more aware and will help you know how many calories and how much you should be working out. Although an app is only a computer device it doesn't know you so make sure you are always doing what's right for you. And don't forget that sleep. Getting enough sleep will help you to lose weight properly. Lack of sleep and stress will cause you to not lose weight as efficiently. Last thing.. Love what you do, have fun, love the food you eat. If you want to work out with a friend. Dance around. Be happy. If you aren't you won't be successful. Positivity is the key to success. If you don't believe you can do and are unhappy you won't. Believe you can, be positive, and kick ass.


It's Monday... Once again. Even though most people hate Mondays I actually like them, most of the time. It's another chance to prove that you're a beast. It's the first of the week, start off with a bang, and finish strong. It doesn't matter if last week was bad, good, or amazing. Make this week amazing. I know you can do it, you just have to believe it. Believe in yourself and you can do absolutely anything, and I truly believe that! Have a great week and kick ass fellow fitties. I love you all!😘


So I weighed in yesterday and I lost 3 pounds!! I'm so happy. I think it's important that you acknowledge small accomplishments as well as your final goal. Before when I did something good I would always treat myself with ice cream or food... But I thought that wasn't very appropriate and would defeat the point. So I treated myself to another pair of Nike's! I love them and they are super cute! They were on sale but it was a nice reward for a job well done and it motivates me to workout even more. I love getting new shoes! Try setting small goals that will lead up to your final goal and reward yourself along the way! You'll be more successful!


I'm so freakin excited right now! I am just ready to reach my goals and be the person that I truly am. I have come to a point in my life where it's time for change. I can't keep doing what I've been doing. It's time to change me, the choices I make, and even some of the people I choose to surround myself with. It's really hard to always know what the best choice is but I guess the only thing you can rely on is your instinct. I'm just sick and tired of my life right now. I'm ready for change and I'm ready for new. I'm ready for new people, new places, and a new body. I've decided its time to reinvent myself and I'm not stopping until I do! I hate when things change but they will change wether I like it or not so I might as well make it a good change. I'M READY💪

Today was the official  first day of my "transformation"! I am happy to say that it actually went pretty well. I stuck to my healthy eating plan (Which I document in an iPhone app called MyNetDiary). I burned a total of 500 calories and slammed the water. I am just so excited for the next few months to take place. I get so excited about seeing results.  I have decided to eat 5-7 small meals through out the day and keep a net calorie intake of about 1500 calories each day. I try to eat as many whole, natural, clean foods as possible. I am not a huge fan a vegetables but I am trying to incorporate them more. I shoot for 5 total fruits and vegetables each day. I try to eat every 3 hours, and no longer than 5 hours apart. I drink lots of water and limit my carbohydrates. It is also important to have a balance of fat, protein, and carbs so I try to make sure that I have at least one food from each of these categories every time I eat. So since today was the first day I thought I would document and share what I had to eat today....

Breakfast: 2 tablespoons of Skippy All-Natural Peanut Butter
                   Half of a Light Multigrain English Muffin
                   2 Cutie Oranges

Mid-Morning Snack: Banana
                                 Toasted Coconut Almonds

Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Lunch Meat
           14 Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins
           Colby Jack Weight Watchers Cheese Stick
           Fiber One Brownie

Afternoon Snack: 4 Dried Apricots
                              Honey Dry Roasted Peanuts

Dinner: Chicken Parmesan Lean Cuisine
             A cup of frozen fruit

Bed-Time Snack: 1 Cutie Orange
                             Weight Watchers String Cheese


I think it's important that individuals who are trying to get fit or stay fit find people that they can identify with to help keep them motivated. That could be a friend, a family member, or someone you might not even know. I use to watch videos on youtube and found that really inspirational. It helped me to feel like I wasn't the only person out there struggling with this. While discovering various youtube channels and videos I came across a channel that really motivated me. Why that is, i'm not exactly sure, but maybe you will find it helpful so I thought I would share it! This girl simply shares her weightless progress in a video blog. Watching some else reach there goals made me feel like my goals were more achievable. So here ya go!

I'm just going to come right out and say it... Having a skinny best friend and really attractive friends is one of the hardest things in the world. I have compared myself to others for a long time but have recently realized that is the strongest poison of all. I would work really hard but then it would come to my attention that I still felt like the black sheep compared to my friends. What I wasn't noticing was how much progress I was making. No I wasn't blessed with skinny genes but I am working towards something greater. I let other people stand in the way of my success because I was throwing myself a pity party due to the fact I didn't look like someone else. This may be cliche but progress is progress no matter how small. Even if it takes a whole year, would you rather be fit in a year or fat in a year? I would definitely rather be fit. Stop feeling guilty for eating 200 more calories than your diet plan allows and start thinking about the bigger picture. Guilt will only cause you to fill bad and give up. Giving up will make you angry and disappointed which will cause you to emotionally eat. Gaining a few pounds due to the emotionally eating will cause stress and anxiety which will stop you from losing weight efficiently. This is a vicious roller coaster that I rode for years... But not anymore. I take it step by step, meal by meal, day by day, week by week, and month by month. I look at the bigger picture and always keep going, even after I fail. So far it is working. You have to stop comparing your self to your friends, if you don't you won't be successful. Use them as motivation to better yourself but don't let it hinder your success! In the end I'm going to be hotter than my friends... And they'll be wishing they did what I did. Fit is better than skinny. I don't want to be skinny... I want to be healthy. I know it's hard having skinny friends but YOU CAN do it and YOU CAN look just as good, if not better, than them.


I can't believe this is my very first blog post! I am seriously so excited! I have eaten healthy and worked out out for years but tomorrow marks day one of my transformation. It's so crazy that it's my senior year and time is zipping past me. There is still so many things I want to do and accomplish before I leave for college, my weight being one of them. I have learned that accepting yourself for what you are is the key to success. It sounds crazy but if you don't love your self on the inside at heavy weight, you won't love yourself at your goal weight. Don't rely on others to make you happy until you are happy with yourself. I have struggled with this for years and I can truly say that I am content and satisfied with myself and who I am. Yes I have goals and things I wish to change but deep down I know who I am. I'm happy because I choose to be, not because of someone else. If your happiness is dependent on another person you will never truly find joy. So my advice for today is learn to love yourself. You will accomplish your goals alot faster if you do.